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Scripts: multi-media communications bring your message to life: 
the more impactful way to sell, motivate, educate or demonstrate


Scriptwriting requires specialized skill: the same message that flows so well on a website page or in a brochure often sounds stiff and awkward when read aloud. The trick is knowing how to structure a script properly to: 


   Reflect the natural rhythm of conversation: so that it flows well and sounds pleasant to the ear

  Cover your top points while avoiding tedious detail: few viewers can absorb it - or will bother to go back and replay what they missed

   Employ dynamic transitions: moving your busy audience through each key point, without confusing them or losing  their attention

   Open and close with powerful impact, including a strong call-to-action to achieve your desired goal 


From fast-paced 15 second point-of-sale radio in-depth demos, DRTV sells and "how to choose" tutorials, I've developed scripts for a wide variety of business needs. Past work includes:product and service launches; sales and investor presentations; business development pitches; and employee training. 

Just as an example, one retail script initiative drove growth across hundreds of stores, representing millions in incremental revenue, all for less than $1k hard cost. (Ask for my Office Depot North America case study for details.)


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