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See what 30+ marketing leaders say about my copywriting services:


   "Thanks so much for everything.  You added tremendous value.  Your contributions really helped our business!"


Joe Siegel,

Director, Advertising, Brand & Communications DHL Express


   "Your approach to working with our group was so outstanding that one would have thought you were a fully dedicated stockholding employee.  When you were requested to learn about the solution/service you were reviewing, you watched the videos and read all you was so relieving. You clarified who the audience was and how to speak to them.  You ensured every message delivered would be understood by customers. You were aware of the company specific requirements and worked with them. Although not the project manager, when you saw marketing material messages were not aligned for the overall status of the project, you went the extra mile to make sure everyone got on the same page. As you saw by all the materials you helped me launch, your hard work was appreciated very much."


 Valerie Niemcow,

Marketing Project Manager (strong focus on DHL customer e-commerce solutions) DHL Express


   "As with any marketing department, DHL is a fast-paced environment. Sheri has proven to be a self-reliant team member, needing very little direction and guidance.  Her experience and skill level is clearly demonstrated by her ability to provide strategic input and direction to any project while managing deadlines and changing direction as needed. Sheri also has an uncanny ability to distill large amounts of disparate information down to a very manageable level of content while identifying the most valuable key points for messaging." 


Patty Buchanan,

Senior Manager, Direct Marketing & Promotions DHL Express


   "It's been a pleasure to work with Sheri: I must say she is the consummate professional that has the ability to nail any mar-com messaging objective – from sensitive media releases to motivational internal communications, newsletters, presentations, case studies, executive speeches and more.  She works quickly without compromising quality with first drafts that are right on-target.  I highly recommend Sheri to any business seeking to enhance their public image, awareness of their products and services or motivate employees with highly impactful communications." 


Robert Mintz,

Manager, Communications DHL Express


   "I appreciate your professionalism and clear thinking in approaching our multi-faceted projects. You are quick when you have to be…more measured and careful when required by a more detailed project –  that kind of flexibility is wonderful on a small team where we produce a variety of work. Your experience really shows in your reasonable, diplomatic approach to our sometimes sticky issues. Flexibility, experience and a respect for deadlines are important qualities for anyone on our team- and I think you have offer all that and more. :) "


Tina Villarreal,

Graphic Designer DHL Express


   "Baxter Martin’s spine surgeon client presented a messaging challenge. His advanced surgical technique for treating cervical stenosis goes beyond the scalpel and focuses on a philosophical approach to motion preservation. Sheri listened to the client, understood the message, and delivered outstanding copy."

 Jose Batalla,

President/CEO Baxter Martin Advertising

   "You truly made a difference in our content and brand positioning. You have a great   deal of talent."

 Monica Luechtefeld,

EVP Strategy & Development, Office Depot


  "Sheri exceeded my expectations, developing programs that delivered quantifiable results,     including highly-profitable cross-sell attachment sales."

John Lostroscio,

VP Merchandising, Office Depot


   "Attach rates increased more than 20% vs pre-program levels on the specific featured        product. Your program exceeded our sales and profit expectations. I would highly recommend you to any business partner, internally  and externally."

Robert Dunlap,

Lead Merchant, Warranty Programs; Office Depot


   "It seems to me that the catalog has a whole new voice that is benefit-driven! I reviewed     the copy and think it's great. The book will sell a LOT harder!"

Alicia Prokos,

VP Direct Marketing (05),Office Depot


  "Once again you have completely blown my expectations out of the water...                    a beautiful thing!"

Lisette O'Brien,

Marketing Director, AccuData/Acxiom


   "Your work is terrific!  What you wrote is great.  Thanks a million."

Luis David Ramirez, Director

GBS Strategies, Incorporated


   "I just wanted to tell you are doing a great job capturing the Club Med attitude and         personality in all the copywriting I've seen. Well done! We're very excited to have you working on our brand!"

Ed Hinde,

VP Marketing; Club Med (01)


   "I have watched Tech Time - it is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations on a terrific tool. How do I get on the weekly distribution so I can learn from it too?"

     Chuck Rubin,

President, North American Retail Divsion,

Office Depot


   "You are one of the finest writers I have ever worked with. Your ideas are right on target."

Bill Smith,

SVP, Direct Marketing, Fairfield Resorts


   "We've worked with other copywriters in the past, but your copywriting methods have      completely changed how we position ourselves with our clients, giving us the ability to provide them with comprehensive and professional marketing direction, based on your research, knowledge and expertise. Your work has definitely exceeded our expectations...and our         client's expectations."

Rich O'Rourke,

VP Business Development, Nordis Direct 


     "You helped us all achieve greater sales and margin because of your efforts. This week is 

 no different: attached report shows results DOUBLING what we expected."

Angela Richter,

Lead Computer Merchant; Office Depot


   "The copy was so right!! The copywriting is great. Thanks again for your help." (Note: Mktg Director and Global VP Brand Development went through 3 writers and multiple drafts on this particular fragrance launch before receiving a referral to me. Both loved my first draft.

Tracy J. Young,

Marketing Director; Coty USA (02)


   "You are one of the finest executives I have ever had the good fortune to work with. You always exceeded expectations for follow-up and detail execution and always managed to get me thinking creatively."

Michael Burkett,

Training and Development Director, Ross Stores

(formerly served in same role at Office Depot)


   "We had GREAT success yesterday with the launch of the Sony Desktop PC featured       in Tech Time!  You helped elevate this launch to its success. Thank you AGAIN!"

Janine Mitchell,

Divisional Merchandise Manager, Office Depot


   "Not only are the clients happy, they are ecstatic! Jim said yesterday he's been trying to get this concept off the ground for 2 years, and this is the first time he's seen it done in a way that he thinks will work. Thank you for your great work."

Ruth Shively,

Director of Brand Management; Wyndham Resorts


   "You not only have marketing vision, but can execute on that vision – which is rare. You bring passion to your work and manage expectations well.  You're a valuable asset to the company and a pleasure to work with."

John Deaton,

VP Business Development; Office Depot


   "I really enjoy working with Sheri and think you picked a great director in her. She adds tremendous strategic value to our creative process across the board and is a pleasure to       work with."

E-mail sent from VP Direct Marketing Alicia Prokos

to Rex Ciavola, SVP (original spvsr); Office Depot


  "I'm awed. Do we tell you often enough how much we love you? This is great! I’m impressed, as always."

Susan Beversluis,

VP, Brand Services; Wyndham Resorts


   "When Sheri told you that something would be done, the commitment date was either   met or exceeded… Her personal integrity was evident in everything she did. She asked the right questions and did the research to ensure that all of her work met the highest standards of excellence.  I would love to work with Sheri again and definitely would consider her for any strategic projects requiring her expertise."

Lita Small,

Content Management Director; Office Depot


   "My fundraiser was a big success - we raised 50% more than I originally hoped for! Great sales letter!"

Chris Henning,

Fundraising Client and Twinfare Cookbook Author


   "You’re one of the best copywriters I have ever worked with: you have terrific direct            response expertise."

Rex Ciavola, SVP, Global Creative & Production

(Direct Supervisor 02-05); Office Depot


   "I’m so impressed with your attention to detail especially on this project, because there    were over 100 resorts and every one was so different. You did a great job. Thank you."

Ruth Shively,

Director of Brand Management; Wyndham Vacations


   "I am impressed at your turnaround time and really appreciate your enthusiasm!  You’ve never been to these destinations, yet you write about them as if you just flew back from spending the week there. Impressive!"

Alexandra Mager,

Creative Director; Club Med North America (01)


   "Your copywriting has done such a great job in capturing what this product is all about.  I am very excited about this and I think this will really help our associates sell. Thanks so much!"

Mary Gentile,

Lead Merchant - Cameras; Office Depot


   "Sheri, YOU ARE A STAR!!! This is exactly what I needed.  You are SO Good!! Thanks for the quick turnaround.  I believe that you have done an EXCELLENT job of capturing what         we needed."

Cheryl Weir-Woodham,

Director Brand Services; Wyndham Vacations


   "You and Angela are really kicking some creative butt!  We are all delighted that you are    managing our creative!"

Cynthia Wummer,

Marketing Director; Fairfield Resorts (00)


   "I would certainly recommend you to colleagues inside or outside of Office Depot with   no hesitation. Your work always met objectives and displayed good understanding of our needs together with strong creativity and innovation. You helped us scope projects appropriately and consider issues that may not have occurred to us."

Martha Kortiak,

Director Brand Strategy; Office Depot


   “Sheri takes time to learn in depth about the client’s business, knows how to write copy for the one vs. the masses; and understands direct response paradigms. She always thinks          strategically about the bottom line: always marketing driven...always on target.”

Michael P. Ventresca,

G. Neil Creative Director


   “You exceeded our expectations for quality, timeliness and accuracy, you are the best       copywriter we ever worked with.  Not only are you right on are quick too.You were perfect!

Susan Masimore, President/Owner Uniform Advantage

National apparel retailer/online/catalog merchant (Healthcare and Hospitality)


    Many more testimonials available - just ask!


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